Are all categories part of the live stream?

Based on timing some categories will be awarded off screen

Can anyone participate in UDAE?

UDAE is open to intermediate and advanced dancers (nominees) of all ages. Dance schools, crews, studios, colleges are welcome to bring groups to be apart of the experience.

How are the votes calculated?

2/3 will be by our judging panel
1/3 will be the online votes
Users can vote and share their vote via social media
Votes are configured 2/3 by our judges panel and 1/3 of online votes

How do I vote?

Click on the vote tab and follow instructions
How do I share my vote on social media
Vote then click the share tab.

How does the site work?

All content uploaded must be approved before voting can begin. Users will vote to have the content considered for nomination. Users are able to share their votes to social media platforms allowing fans and friends to engage and vote as well. The top five content will be nominated in each category. Once we announce nominations, users can then vote again for those nominated. Each user can vote 1 time per day (24 hour) per video. Votes are 2/3 panel judges and 1/3 online votes.

How many times can I vote?

Users can vote up to 10 times per category (every 24 hours for each video)

What are the deadlines for UDA?

Video submissions deadline: April 6 2020
Preliminary Voting Ends: May 20, 2020
Nominee Voting Begins: Jun 1, 2020
Nominee Voting Ends: Aug 1, 2020

What is UDA Experience?

Universal Dance Award Experience is a training program that allows dancers the opportunity to train with the UDA nominated choreographers! Dancers will also perform at Universal Studios Hollywood in the opening number of UDA. Registered dancers and families will also have the opportunity to attend the red carpet award show and be apart of the Universal Dance Awards.

When is the deadline to register for UDAE?

UDA Experience Registration Due: June 1, 2020 ($750 deposit due per person)
UDA Experience Balance Due: July 1, 2020

When will the nominations be posted?

Nominations will be listed on June 1, 2020