D.E.A.R (Dancers Emergency Assistance Relief) A 501C Non Profit

Pioneered in Los Angeles in 2012 by our Founder and Chair, Sheldon F. Robins, our mission is to create a place of safe abode for professional dancers worldwide by providing a system for support throughout their entire career in the entertainment industry. Our goal is to both supply fiscal support for dancers and to educate them in the business of dance by offering programs to help develop sustainability. We plan to break the “gypsy cycle” and to generate change in the perceived value of dancers; both the dancer’s mindset as well as the perception of dancers worldwide. We strive to become the support system for all professional dancers worldwide. With an arsenal of resources, our goal is to get dancers back on their feet when unforeseen circumstances occur in their lives or careers. We are dedicated to help dancers find their way to fulfill their dreams. ​ We have the ability to implement a “support system” and make a change in cycle that has been ailing the dance community. Our compassion and loving care will create a new uplifting cycle for upcoming dancers for the future.


After twenty plus years as a Professional Dancer / Choreographer / Dance Instructor, Sheldon Robins, along with members of our board of directors that serves with him, felt it was time to start an Assistance Fund for Professional dancers that would be headquartered Hollywood. His vision for this new Non Profit Organization was one that would be led and governed by the people that have lived and experienced the life of a Professional dancer in the entertainment industry. After co-producing a successful event “An Unprecedented Night of Dance” in the fall of 2011 to assist a fellow professional dancer suffering from a brain aneurism, the idea was implemented. Thus, in the spring of 2012, a new organization was started. Months later D.E.A.R filed with the Internal Revenue Service to become its own independent 501-c-3. Currently awaiting a Letter of Determination from the IRS, the organization operates under the auspice of Art Without Limits and is in preparation for its annual fund raiser scheduled in December at the Saban theatre. In order to become operational as quickly as possible, Mr. Robins inquired with various faith-based organizations for assistance and partnership ideas in order to help the new organization get started. The Oasis Church in Los Angeles, &FAME graciously opened its resources and arms to D.E.A.R. With plans to secure and open and office in Hollywood, D.E.A.R has began preparing all necessary elements to start assisting dancers. Site: www.danceraid.org