About us

Upper Lav Inc produces television and theatrical motion pictures. We seek out commercial, high concept projects and employ recognized as well as newly discovered writers, directors and actors. Our mission is to create and produce uplifting projects that inspire audiences worldwide. Collectively our producing team also produces events, conventions. Universal Dance Awards was created to bridge the gap of recognizing and honoring gifted dancers and choreographers worldwide. Our mission is to honor those talented dancers, choreographers, teachers and studio owners that inspire audiences worldwide.

Upper Lav Inc.

Upper Lav Inc. is an independent film and television studio that empowers media companies and brands to expand audience engagement through the power of social video.
Worldwide media brands such as Samsung have utilized Upper Lav Inc. to produce short-form videos around trending topics at the scale and speed required in the video-first, mobile era. With rights-cleared assets videos are quickly created and distributed across all social and digital platforms. Upper Lav Inc is among the Top 100 companies in the digital content industry * Headquarters: Beverly Hills, with offices in Vancouver Canada. Founded: 2008
 *Founders: Sheldon F. Robins
 *Total Funding: 2 million dollars Main features: 
 * Extensive creative media library 
 * Content curator for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others
 * An independent film and television production company
 Producers of Eyes of Faith film starring Gwen Stefani, Nigel Lythgoe, Wayne Brady and more
 Producers of Murder 101 starring Tom Sizemore, Dante Basco & Sheldon F. Robins 
 Creators of the Follow Me TV 
 Co-producers of the NCAA Vancouver Basketball Showcase Tournament
 Specializing in short form video content 
 Ability to create a unique brand identity via customized graphics, content, voiceover, and text
 Integration with video players 
 The ability to create localized content in every language