Content submitted for Universal Dance Awards consideration in all categories must meet ALL eligibility requirements listed in UDA Rules & Eligibility, posted at:

A dancer/choreographer’s agent, manager or a representative of the content may submit content in the appropriate categories. Please note some content may be declined for a category and placed into another category. The final deadline for all submissions for the general entry categories in the 1st Annual Universal Dance Awards is April 6, 2020 Nominated Content with particular songs may be muted during the broadcast/stream due to copyright regulations determined by the Production Committee. Refer to Rule 8 for information about the Copyright Regulations. All video content must include music artist(s) name and copyright info. This info must be included on all submissions to be considered for nominations in ALL categories.

A copy of the content’s complete screen credits (front-and-end cast and crew credits, also known as legal billing) may be asked if nominated. The complete screen credits must be readable and printable; PDFs or Word documents are preferred. Upload screen credits that appeared on the project itself; do not use outside sources (such as IMDb or other databases). End-rollers must be converted to Excel spreadsheets (not PDF). Videos and credits blocks are accepted.

Submitters on all entries agree to allow UDA access to any clip from the submitted video, to be used with the presentation, broadcast, stream and any other exhibition is association with the Universal Dance Awards. By submitting a video for consideration, the submitter grants UDA the irrevocable right to use the choreographer and dancers name, likeness, performance, attributes, voice and biography in connection with the awards show and related activities and the broadcast and dissemination of the program in all media now know or hereafter devised, without payment or further consideration.

A high res version of all content without logos is required for submissions for all categories. The Universal Dance Awards voting committee will request a high-res version of the dance content if it receives a nomination(s) in the event the version submitted does not meet the requirements for broadcast/streaming If a submission receives a nomination it is the responsibility of the submitter to deliver to UDA a broadcast quality reproduction of the nominated work for the awards show.

Submitters agree to make all reasonable efforts to assist UDA in securing all required consents, copyright, licensing clearances and talent releases to securing clips for use in the live awards show and the stream/broadcast of the show.Submitters will receive an automated email confirmation once the required materials have been received.

If any further information or verification of eligibility is needed, the Universal Dance Awards committee will contact the submitter.